With this type of loan, which you can use whenever you need it in an emergency, regardless of maturity and regularly accruing interest, you can meet all your cash needs instantly.

  • Interest accruals and collections are made quarterly.
  • Your money is ready whenever you want as long as you have a limit.
  • Interest rates are determined according to the market conditions at the time the loan is given and may change over time, depending on the economic situation, according to the agreement of the parties.
  • Daily interest applies.
  • If you close the account before the end of the term, interest can also be calculated at closing.

With spot loan, you will not experience stress in market fluctuations while determining your urgent financial needs. The loan, which is opened with a fixed interest rate, with a predetermined maturity, is closed together with the principal and interest on the maturity date.

  • Spot loans; It is used in order not to be affected by the fluctuations observed in the real market and financial markets,
  • Together with the principal and fixed interest of the loan, it is closed in a predetermined term,
  • Since the interest rate of the loan is fixed, it is clear how much interest will be paid at the end of the loan term, and this clarity facilitates the company's cash payment plan in daily life.

With the installment loan, you can pre-determine the monthly payments, loan amount and all expenses of your business and make payments in equal or in installments that you determine.

You can make repayments in fixed monthly installments, provided that the banks for businesses operating in commercial activities remain in the amount and maturity determined in advance.

You can repay the commercial installment loan in equal monthly installments in order to finance the purchase or renewal of machinery/equipment to increase the production capacity of your business, the purchase of raw materials, investments or the renewal of the technological infrastructure.

The loan is repaid in equal installments. The interest rate does not change throughout the term. It offers the investor not only short but also long-term financing opportunities.